Welcome to the Smart Shelters blog where you will find the most up to date information concerning pricing for tornado storm shelters and above ground safe rooms in Oklahoma, Dallas Fort Worth, and north Texas. Thru the years we have given away hundreds of storm shelters via Facebook contests but it will first be promoted here. You won't see us spending a ridiculous amount of money with BIG media and that's why our storm shelter prices are affordable for every family! We'd rather pass the savings on to you than pay exorbitant media prices. Be sure to check back often so you can stay updated. You never know when when we'll be holding another contest where we give away a storm shelter.

Smart Shelters installs storm shelters and safe rooms for Oklahoma and north Texas. Unless otherwise stated the information and storm shelter pricing published here is pursuant to Smart Shelters of Oklahoma City, OK and not our distributors who are able to control their own pricing. If you have questions give us a call at 405.417.8676, email us, or stop by the showroom.

Garage Installed Prices For Storm Shelters in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma

Storm shelter prices this low in Oklahoma means there’s never been a better time to have a storm shelter installed in the garage, patio, driveway, or outdoors.  The time of year where the formation of tornadoes is most favorable in Oklahoma is just around the corner.  Statistically speaking, tornadoes have been produced and caused damage throughout Oklahoma each month of the year.  The best way to protect your family and keep them safe from the storm and tornadoes is to have a storm shelter installed and during the month of January 2018 you will enjoy BLOW OUT SALE savings of up to $1395.00 over “normal” retail prices depending on the storm shelter size and if it’s a garage or outdoor storm shelter model.

These storm shelter prices available in Oklahoma are normally reserved for our national distributors and corporate customers.  Normally you’d find us at the Oklahoma City Home & Garden Show being held the third week of JAN 2018, but not this year!  Since the decision was made not to attend the show we figured let’s lower storm shelter prices for the hard working people of Oklahoma!

The storm shelter prices and quotes below assume an installation in the Oklahoma City, OK metro area.  There is a one way trip fee for each mile over 30 from the OKC metro area of $3.50 per mile.  The storm shelter design has passed the Texas Tech impact test, found to meet or exceed the criteria set forth by the NSSA, FEMA, and the American Tornado Shelter Association.  Each storm shelter is covered with a lifetime transferable warranty and comes equipped with a battery operated fan and light combo.

  • Regular holds 6-8 people:  $2300.00
  • Large holds 8-10 people:  $2500.00
  • Extra Large holds 10-12 people:  $3300.00
  • Jumbo holds 12-14 people:  $3500.00

We also have a showroom that is conveniently located near downtown Oklahoma City where you’ll be able to view and get in each size garage storm shelter, safe room, and outdoor tornado shelter.  The address is 4000 South Prospect Ave which in our area is the east side I-35 Service Rd and we are smack dab in the middle of SE 44th and SE Grand Ave.
We can be reached at 405-417-8676 if you have questions or need directions.


Huge Savings on Storm Shelter Prices in Oklahoma and DFW, TX

Huge savings on storm shelter prices in Oklahoma and DFW, TX for the month of November 2016.  It’s almost Thanksgiving and you know what that means.  It’s time to receive the best pricing on storm shelters that can be installed in the garage for Oklahoma, North Texas, and DFW area.  Whether you’re building a house or have one already built we have what you need to protect your family with an in ground storm shelter or an above ground safe room.

Act now and you can have the storm shelter installed within two weeks.  Depending on the size of shelter and type of concrete slab it can be installed in just a matter of hours.  The storm shelter design has been impact tested by Texas Tech and exceeds the standards that are mandated by FEMA and ICC 500.

Smart Shelters builds the highest quality tornado shelters and safe rooms on the market today.  That’s why a Lifetime Transferable Warranty is included with every storm shelter installed.

For more information about storm shelter prices call us at 405-417-8676 or use the quote request form at the right of the web page.

Win A Large Storm Shelter and Donate To A Great Cause

Win a Large storm shelter and donate to a great cause.  Smart Shelters has donated a Large tornado shelter to the Christian Heritage Academy’s Volleyball Team.  The Large Tornado Shelter will hold 8-10 people and will be installed inside the garage.  The shelter will be given away via an electronic raffle system.   Raffle tickets start at $5 for 1, $10 for 3, and $50 for 20.  The more you buy the better your chances of winning!   Your donation is tax deductible and you’ll receive a receipt via email after you submit the donation online.


About Christian Heritage Academy:

Christian Heritage Academy’s volleyball program has a tradition of character and success. From its days in the Oklahoma Christian Secondary Athletic Association and Tri-State to its nine years now in the OSSAA, our teams have competed with the best volleyball programs in the state. The two-time defending 4A state champions will play their final game at home on September 26 against Chisholm. Help support the Lady Crusaders by attending the game and purchasing  raffle tickets to win the Large size Tornado Shelter.

Amarillo and DFW, TX Special Storm Shelter Prices

Smart Shelters is happy to announce special pricing on garage installed storm shelters for the Amarillo and DFW, TX areas.  The tornado shelter pricing listed below includes installation, lifetime transferable warranty, battery operated fan and light combo that will provide air circulation, and assumes installation within the immediate respective areas.  The shelter design has been impacted tested by Texas Tech and meets or exceeds the stringent standards set forth by FEMA and the ICC.

Garage Installed Storm Shelters:

The Regular is 3′ Wide X 6′ Long X 4.5′ Tall and can hold 6-8 people.
Special Price:  $4490.00

The Large is 3′ Wide X 8′ Long X 4.5′ Tall and can hold 8-10 people.
Special Price:  $4750.00

The Extra Large is 4′ Wide X 8′ Long X 4.5′ Tall and can hold 10-12 people.
Special Price:  $6010.00

The Jumbo is 5′ Wide X 8′ Long X 4.5′ Tall and can hold 12-14 people.
Special Price:  $6850.00

Storm Shelter Accessories:

  • Magnetic covers are available for the lid to keep insects, leaves, and water from entering the shelter.
  • 8 ton hydraulic jack can be added to the back lid.
  • Winch can be added to assist in opening of the lid.
  • Foam cushioned benches.
  • The shelter can be made one foot taller for a garage installation or even taller for the outdoor “Super” model.

To reserve your spot on the installation schedule a $300.00 deposit is required and the remaining balance is due at the time of installation.  We happily accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.  For more pricing information on storm shelters contact the showroom at 405-417-8676 and please be sure to mention you live in Amarillo or the DFW area.

Why It’s Better to Get Your Storm Shelter Now Versus After a Tornado


Storm Shelter Oklahoma City

Smart Shelters, based in Oklahoma City, is a leading installer of storm shelters and safe rooms in Oklahoma, Texas, and has numerous distributors located throughout the nation.  The patented storm shelter design can be installed in the garage and allows for the vehicle to be parked over it while maintaining plenty of room to access it.

It’s safe to say in the event of a tornado everyone would love to have a storm shelter at their disposal to ride out the storm.  Obtaining one is normally high on everyone’s “to do” list but when there’s a lull in tornadic weather, like in recent years, it gets put off until a tornado strikes nearby.  We like to refer to this as a “trigger event” that causes the masses to flood storm shelter companies with panic wanting a storm shelter installed ASAP.  When informed the waiting period can range from 8-12 months for installation after a tornado the homeowner is caught off-guard wishing they had installed the storm shelter during our slow season which generally runs from August to December.  After the devastating tornado in Moore, OK the wait period was right at one year.

Purchasing a storm shelter is an investment in the safety of your family and pets.  Installing one during the August to December period can save your family significantly!  For instance, right now Smart Shelters is having a monster sale where you’ll save up to $800.00 on storm shelters installed in your garage.  The timing couldn’t be more perfect because we have the largest storm shelter and safe room inventory available in Oklahoma and Texas which translates into not having to wait for your storm shelter installation.  From an industry standpoint, we normally reserve this type of savings for the Oklahoma State Fair but this year you can receive it starting now and runs until the end of September 2015.

A $300.00 deposit is required to reserve your spot on the installation schedule and the remaining balance is due  at the time of installation.  We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash as form of payment.  Storm shelter financing is available and we have a layaway plan designed to fit your needs.  All shelters and safe rooms include a lifetime transferable warranty that protects you should leakage occur.

For more information on storm shelter pricing or installation availability please contact us at 405-417-8676.

Financing For Storm Shelters in OKC, Tulsa, and Oklahoma

Smart Shelters is pleased to announce we are now offering 0% financing up to 21 months on storm shelters, tornado shelters, and above ground safe rooms that can be installed in your garage, patio, driveway, or outdoors. A minimum credit score of 680 is required to obtain the 0% financing.

We also offer 5 other zero percent financing options and approvals start with a credit score of 600. Other loan program offers start with 3.99%-8.99% with a payback period of 7 years. Credit scores of 580+ can be approved with supporting documentation which varies from lender to lender. Fast and easy approvals can be obtained via the “Financing” page on our website. Regardless of how you rate your credit excellent, good, fair, challenged, or poor, we have a financing option that will meet your needs. Along with our national lenders, we will work hard to get you approved to finance a storm shelter so you can provide your family the protection it deserves when severe weather strikes.

To apply visit the “Financing” option page on the website or for more information submit the form below and Robin will help you with any questions you may have.

Finance Form

Enter to Win 1 of 8 Jumbo Garage Storm Shelters in Oklahoma

Enter to win 1 of 8 Jumbo Garage Storm Shelters from Smart Shelters via our Facebook Fan Page.    Smart Shelters builds and installs storm shelters, tornado shelters, and safe rooms that can be installed in your garage, patio, driveway, or yard from our facility in Oklahoma City, OK.  To win you must be a resident of Oklahoma, own the home where the shelter is to be installed, and have a garage.  If you don’t have a garage you will have the option to pay the difference between the in garage and outdoor model.

The winner will receive an IRS Form 1099 so they can claim the storm shelter value on their taxes.  You will also be responsible for obtain any permits that are required by the city you reside in.  Any other fees pursuant to the storm shelter installation are applicable.

Often we get asked “what happens if I buy a storm shelter and then win a storm shelter from you?” Great question!  Richard Steger, from Broken Arrow, OK purchased a storm shelter from us during a contest we were promoting and was announced a winner shortly thereafter.  Needless to say, the Steger Family was very happy because their winning the contest coincided with the Christmas Season so they were ecstatic!

For a fast and friendly quote please contact the showroom at 405-494-6024 or submit the quote request below and we’ll be happy to help.

Quick Quote

Storm Shelters Give Away Extravaganza!

Smart Shelters builds storm shelters that can be installed in your garage, carport, patio, or yard.  The patented triple locking lid has made it the go to storm shelter when it comes to protecting families and their valuables.  Until June 30, 2014 you will save up to $600.00 depending on the size shelter you want.  Not only have we decided to increase the amount you will save but there are now more ways than ever to win one!

Follow our Facebook fan page where we give away 1 storm shelter valued at $3395.00 each month and one valued at $2995.00.

The May 2014 winner of the Large storm shelter valued at $3395.00 is Dee Downer of Noble, OK.  The May 2014 winner of the Regular shelter valued at $2995.00 is Richard Maxey of Moore, OK.  Congrats!!!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook so you can stay up to date on all our contests and updated sale information.  We ALWAYS announce it there first!!  Go here to find us on Facebook:  For more information on garage or outdoor storm shelters call us at 405-417-8676 or stop by the showroom located at:

4000 S Prospect Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73129

(We are located on the east side I-35 Service Rd just north of SE 44th St.)

Storm Shelter Contest Winners

Smart Shelters builds storm shelters that can be installed in your garage, carport, patio, or yard.  The patented triple locking lid has made it the go to storm shelter when it comes to protecting families and their valuables.  The “Save up to $300.00” sale has been a huge success so we decided to continue it through May 2014.  Not only have we decided to continue the sale but for the next several months we will be giving away two shelters EACH MONTH valued at $3395.00!

On May 3, 2014, at the Cox Pavilion, we will announce the winner of the Kufahl Family raffle at noon.  100% of the proceeds will go to the family and to date over $28,000.00 has been raised for the Kufahl’s!  We can’t say “thank you” enough for the support you have shown the family.  Aaron Tuttle, former KOCO meteorologist, will be present to announce the winner and share details concerning his newly released weather app “ATsWeatherToGo.”

iPhone users can download the app here: http://goo.gl/kxvF7g
Android users can download the app here:  http://goo.gl/y0Vpo1

In May you have more ways than ever to enter to win a storm shelter.
1)  The Consumer Queen will be giving away one Smart Shelter valued at $2995.00.  For more info on how to enter go here:  http://goo.gl/uRPc20 .  The drawing will be held on May 16, 2014.

2)  Follow our Facebook fan page where we will give away one storm shelter valued at $3395.00.

3)  We will give away ANOTHER storm shelter valued at $3395.00 via text messaging campaign (standard text messaging rates apply).  To enter text the word “tornadoshelters” (without the ” “) to 74455.  Five people will be randomly picked through the wonders of technology and asked to email a video why they want to win the shelter. We will pick one person with what we consider to be the best video.  Your video “might” be featured on our fan page.

Now to announce the winner of the April 2014 Storm Shelter Winner.  Congratulations to Brenda Lynn Carpenter. Send us a Facebook message and we will walk you through the steps of claiming your prize.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook so you can stay up to date on all our contests and updated sale information.  We will always announce it there first.  Go here to find us on Facebook:  facebook.com/smartsheltersinc .  For more information on storm shelters from Smart Shelters call us at 405-417-8676 or stop by the showroom located at:

4000 S Prospect Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73129

(We are located on the east side I-35 Service Rd just north of SE 44th St.)

Storm Shelter Layaway Program for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Smart Shelters Storm Shelters based in Oklahoma City, OK builds and installs in ground storm shelters that go in your garage, carport, or patio. Smart Shelters has two manufacturing facilities located in OKC, OK. One provides for the Oklahoma market and the other for our national distributors.

Our underground shelters for sale are the best on the market, and we are pleased to now offer a storm shelter layaway program!

Storm Shelter Layaway
After a prolonged period of having the public ask for alternative payment methods, we decided it was time to give Oklahoma what it has been asking for: a storm shelter layaway program.

The storm shelter layaway program in Oklahoma works like this:

  • You place a $300 deposit to enter the program.
  • The deposit is then deducted from the remaining balance due and divided by a maximum of 6 monthly payments.

The amount due on the storm shelter is then deducted either on the 1st or 15th to make it payday friendly. Once the balance is within 30 days of being paid in full you will receive an install date but the shelter will NOT be installed until it is verified the payment has cleared your banking institution.

How to Apply
You must visit our showroom location to enroll in the storm shelter financing layaway program to fill out the necessary forms that will permit us to make monthly deductions against your bank account or credit card.

This storm shelter layaway program is only applicable in the state of Oklahoma. If you have questions concerning the program please email Robin at (Enable Javascript to see the email address) or call 405-605-5636.

Connect with us at www.facebook.com/smartsheltersinc and stay up to date on all of our discount offers!