Enter to Win 1 of 8 Jumbo Garage Storm Shelters in Oklahoma

Enter to win 1 of 8 Jumbo Garage Storm Shelters from Smart Shelters via our Facebook Fan Page.    Smart Shelters builds and installs storm shelters, tornado shelters, and safe rooms that can be installed in your garage, patio, driveway, or yard from our facility in Oklahoma City, OK.  To win you must be a resident of Oklahoma, own the home where the shelter is to be installed, and have a garage.  If you don’t have a garage you will have the option to pay the difference between the in garage and outdoor model.

The winner will receive an IRS Form 1099 so they can claim the storm shelter value on their taxes.  You will also be responsible for obtain any permits that are required by the city you reside in.  Any other fees pursuant to the storm shelter installation are applicable.

Often we get asked “what happens if I buy a storm shelter and then win a storm shelter from you?” Great question!  Richard Steger, from Broken Arrow, OK purchased a storm shelter from us during a contest we were promoting and was announced a winner shortly thereafter.  Needless to say, the Steger Family was very happy because their winning the contest coincided with the Christmas Season so they were ecstatic!

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