Still not sure if Smart Shelters is the right choice to protect your family with a tornado shelter or safe room? We have installed thousands of storm shelters and safe rooms since being founded in 2011.  We are proud to proclaim that during the monsoon season of 2015 not one of our in ground storm shelters became compromised due to heavy rain.  Not one!  We go the extra mile when installing the shelter and do it according to the stamped and certified engineer drawing we have for each shelter.  When your family enters the shelter seeking refuge you can be assured you’ll exit safely.


“I recently had a storm shelter installed in my garage and I can’t tell you how smooth the process was.  The staff were so professional and answered all of my questions.  The crew that installed the shelter worked quickly and respected my property with a great amount of professionalism.  I think they left my garage cleaner than when they came!  I now have the piece of mind that my family and I will be safe in case of an emergency.  Thank you Smart Shelters for a job well done!”


Leah J. White
Oklahoma City, OK

“Just want to say ‘thank you!’  I can not believe the difference in garage storm shelters available in Oklahoma City!

We were part of the Yukon storm shelter rebate program so our first choice was to go locally but after our experience with our showroom visits we decided to go with Smart Shelters.  You would not believe the companies that bad mouth you guys.  Almost made us change our minds.

The install went perfect; right on time, no surprises or hidden fees.  When the city inspector of Yukon and his assistant showed up to do the inspection they were asking a lot of questions.  When I asked why they stated, “it was the best storm shelter install they had ever seen” and really liked how flush it was to the garage floor.  They were very impressed! So glad we went with Smart Shelters…….so hard to know who to trust these days.”

Kitty Batt
Yukon, OK


“I just wanted to follow up with some after installation comments.  First I want to say that the installers were on time and ready to go as advertised.  They were very conscience of safety and professionalism throughout the entire installation process.  I was very impressed with the speed and precision of the Smart Shelters crew.  I am very pleased with the entire storm shelter installation process and I will pass on my full recommendation to my friends, family, and co-workers.  Please use my comments as you wish and please pass on my comments to your entire staff.”

Steve & Dianne Hill
Edmond, OK