Your request for a quote on storm shelter prices has been received.  The storm shelter prices you’ll receive will be for garage installed storm shelters inside the state of Oklahoma.  If you’d like prices for the outdoor storm shelters please respond to our email and we’ll include them in a follow up message.  Our goal is to send you the requested information via email in as little as five minutes.  After receiving the information we will be happy to help answer any questions you have concerning the installation process.

Until then here’s a link to a page on the website that answers a lot of questions concerning the storm shelter construction and storm shelter installation methods.  To access the information click here.

Garage installed storm shelter sizes range in size from a small of 6-8 people to one that will hold 12-14 people.  We also have the ability to build the storm shelters taller, wider, and to hold more people if necessary.  The storm shelters are covered with a lifetime transferable warranty.  For more information on the storm shelter sizes click here.

We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash as forms of payment.  We have also partnered with numerous credit unions across Oklahoma and other lending institutions that can help you finance a storm shelter regardless of credit.  For more information on financing a storm shelter click here.