Since we manufacture the storm shelters and safe rooms we can customize them with any accessory that will make your wait in the shelter more comfortable.  Want to run electricity to the shelter?  We can do it.  Want to have a wall mounted big screen television?  We’ve done it!  Want to have a false wall to store your guns or ammo behind?  Want to install a sump pump to provide an added sense of safety?  Yes we can!  The garage storm shelter or safe room makes the perfect place to store valuables or important documents.

We offer magnetic covers that will keep water from entering the shelter when it drips off the vehicle.   Hate spiders or other large insects?  The magnetic cover will work wonders on keeping them out.  The cover will also keep dirt and leaves from accumulating in the shelter.  Another favorite accessory is the 8 ton hydraulic jack that attaches to the back lid part.  It will raise the lid to a point that allows you to look around and analyze the situation.  If you have questions concerning magnetic covers, the 8 ton hydraulic jack, or if you’d like to customize your storm shelter or safe room give us a call today at 405.417.8676.

Magnetic Cover For Garage Storm SheltersHydraulic Jack for Storm Shelters and Tornado Shelters