Why It’s Better to Get Your Storm Shelter Now Versus After a Tornado


Storm Shelter Oklahoma City

Smart Shelters, based in Oklahoma City, is a leading installer of storm shelters and safe rooms in Oklahoma, Texas, and has numerous distributors located throughout the nation.  The patented storm shelter design can be installed in the garage and allows for the vehicle to be parked over it while maintaining plenty of room to access it.

It’s safe to say in the event of a tornado everyone would love to have a storm shelter at their disposal to ride out the storm.  Obtaining one is normally high on everyone’s “to do” list but when there’s a lull in tornadic weather, like in recent years, it gets put off until a tornado strikes nearby.  We like to refer to this as a “trigger event” that causes the masses to flood storm shelter companies with panic wanting a storm shelter installed ASAP.  When informed the waiting period can range from 8-12 months for installation after a tornado the homeowner is caught off-guard wishing they had installed the storm shelter during our slow season which generally runs from August to December.  After the devastating tornado in Moore, OK the wait period was right at one year.

Purchasing a storm shelter is an investment in the safety of your family and pets.  Installing one during the August to December period can save your family significantly!  For instance, right now Smart Shelters is having a monster sale where you’ll save up to $800.00 on storm shelters installed in your garage.  The timing couldn’t be more perfect because we have the largest storm shelter and safe room inventory available in Oklahoma and Texas which translates into not having to wait for your storm shelter installation.  From an industry standpoint, we normally reserve this type of savings for the Oklahoma State Fair but this year you can receive it starting now and runs until the end of September 2015.

A $300.00 deposit is required to reserve your spot on the installation schedule and the remaining balance is due  at the time of installation.  We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash as form of payment.  Storm shelter financing is available and we have a layaway plan designed to fit your needs.  All shelters and safe rooms include a lifetime transferable warranty that protects you should leakage occur.

For more information on storm shelter pricing or installation availability please contact us at 405-417-8676.